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MIK poultry slat

The MIK poultry slat, available in nature white, grey and black, provides optimal grip for the animals and combines the following advantages trough the special design of the slat surface:

  • good manure passage trough arched bridges and an open surface
  • comfortable to walk on and reduced possibility of injury due to rounded edges
  • avoidance of mite infestation trough open style support bearer tabs
  • high load bearing capacity and longevity
  • simple and fast assembly

Excel MIK poultry slat

technical data

 Geflügelrost 1000Geflügelrost 1200
Measurements580 x 1000 mm580 x 1200 mm
Slit size42 x 22 mm42 x 22 mm
Share of slits48%48%